Conference Proceedings

Conference book of proceedings is a part of the “EU and comparative law issues and challenges series – ECLIC“. ECLIC conference proceedings are a collection of peer reviewed articles specialized in EU and comparative law and policy, which is indexed in HeinOline.

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ECLIC conference proceedings will be distributed to the conference participants at the conference venue.

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Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of law Osijek

Series Editors:

Dunja Duić, PhD, Assistant Professor

Tunjica Petrašević, PhD, Assistant Professor

Editorial Board

Domestic members:

  1. Boris Ljubanović, PhD, Full Professor
  2. Ivana Barković Bojanić, PhD, Full Professor
  3. Mario Vinković, PhD, Full Professor
  4. Branka Rešetar, PhD, Full Professor
  5. Renata Perić, PhD, Full Professor
  6. Dubravka Akšamović, PhD, Associate Professor
  7. Mirela Župan, PhD, Associate Professor
  8. Ante Novokmet, PhD, Assistant Professor
  9. Barbara Herceg Pakšić, PhD, Assistant Professor
  10. Igor Vuletić, PhD, Assistant Professor
  11. Katarina Marošević, PhD, Assistant Professor
  12. Nataša Lucić, PhD, Assistant Professor
  13. Nikol Žiha, PhD, Assistant Professor
  14. Paula Poretti, PhD, Assistant Professor

International members :

  1. Martin Trybus, PhD, Full Professor, University of Birmingham, UK
  2. Richard Devlin, PhD, Full Professor, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
  3. Herke Csongor, PhD, Full Professor, University Pecs, Hungary
  4. Robert Kert, PhD, Full Professor,  University of Vienna, Austria
  5. Vid Jakulin, PhD, Full Professor,  University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  6. Vladimir Čolović, PhD, Full Professor, Institute of Comparative Law, Belgrade, Serbia
  7. Primož Gorkič, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  8. Zlatan Meškić, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina
  9. Hesi Siimets-Gross, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Tartu, Estonia
  10. Alfonso Palacio-Vera, PhD, Associate Professor, University “Complutense de Madrid”, Spain
  11. Pedro Caeiro, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  12. Regina Hučkova, PhD, Assistant Professor, University Pavol Jozef Šafárik, Slovakia
  13. Kristina Misheva, PhD, Assistant Professor, University "Goce Delcev", Macedonia
  14. Valentina Colcelli, PhD, University of Perugia, Italia
  15. Valter Moura do Carmo, PhD, University of Marilia, Brazil


ECLIC is abstracted/indexed in HeinOnline

ECLIC is available on Open Journal System

Take a look at our 1st Book of proceedings 'Procedural Aspects of EU Law.pdf.