City of Osijek

Osijek is an important administrative, judicial, financial, economic, scientific, educational and cultural centre of Osijek-Baranja County and the largest city in eastern Croatia, situated on the right bank of the river Drava, 22 km from the mouth of the river of Danube. According to the 2001 Census, the city and its suburbs have a population of 114,616. In the area of today’s city there were several archaeological sites from different pre-historic periods and cultures from earlier Stone Age, over Copper and Bronze to the Iron Age. (from the official city of Osijek website)

    Osijek can be reached by car, train, plane or bus.

    BY CAR


     ViaMichelin Maps and Routes


     ViaMichelin Maps and Routes


     ViaMichelin Maps and Routes



     HŽ Internal timetable



     HŽ Internal timetable


     Airport Osijek at Klisa (20 km from Osijek)

     Airport Osijek

     Airport Pleso  in Zagreb (280 km from Osijek)

     Airport Zagreb

     Airport Nikola Tesla  in Belgrade (247 km from Osijek)

     Airport Belgrade

     Airport Ferihegy  in Budapest (278 km from Osijek)

     Airport Budapest

    BY BUS


     Zagreb Bus Station






    From Zagreb Airport to Zagreb Main Bus Station

    There is a bus that operates from Zagreb Airport to the Zagreb Main Bus Station that operate every half an hour during the day. On the web page of the Croatia Airlines Bus you can find the schedule of their buses.

    All bus timetables are adapted to the Croatia Airlines timetable. It enables passengers to arrive on time to their flights or after the certain flight to be transported to the town. You can buy a ticket at web page.  The price is 30 HRK (about 5.2 USD or 4 EURO) one-way from the Airport to the Main Bus Station.

    From Zagreb Main Bus Station to Osijek Main Bus Station

    The schedule of buses from Zagreb Main Bus Station to Osijek is available on the web page of the Zagreb Main Bus Station.

    The price of a one-way ticket ranges from 126 to 143 HRK (about 20-30 USD or 15-20 EURO) – it varies depending on selected bus company and schedule. Round-trip tickets are also available.  That is a favorable option in regards to buying two one-way tickets. In that case you have to use the same bus company for the transfer in both directions.

    The trip Zagreb-Osijek takes from 3-4 hours and it depends on the number of bus stops. The arrival time of each bus is also available at the above web page.

    From Zagreb Airport to Osijek Airport by plane

    There are every-day flights from Zagreb to Osijek. The flights are operated by TradeAir, RyanAir, and Croatian Airlines, and you can buy the tickets on the web pages of the operators.

    The timetable of the flights can be found on the web page of the Osijek Airport, or see the direct link to timetable.

    The Osijek Aiport Klisa is around 20 km away from the center of Osijek, and there is a passenger van transportation from the airport to the city Railway station and back. The rate is 30 HRK (about 5.2 USD or 4 EURO) one-way from the Airport to the Main bus station in Osijek, but the it is obligatory to make a reservation by sending an e-mail to: or by phone +385 31 514 400. More information about the transport from the airport and the timetable is available here:

    The passenger van will take you to the Osijek Railway station which is very close to the Main Bus station, and then you can take a taxi or a tram to take you to your hotel in Osijek. See the info about the city transportation below.

    From Zagreb Airport to Osijek by taxi

    TAXI CAMMEO ZAGREB, Tel: 1212, Trip costs approximately: 1750 KN (278km, 1km – 6kn); cca. 210 Euro


    Unfortunately, there isn’t any train or bus connection from Budapest to Osijek. We advice authors to rather choose flights that arrive in Zagreb. In case that your flight arrives to Budapest, you will have to take a taxi, or a train or a bus from Budapest to a city in Hungary which is close to Croatian border, and then take a taxi to take you to Osijek, Croatia.


    From the Osijek Main Bus or Train Station you can take a taxi to take you to your hotel. There is a taxi parking in front of the Main Bus Station. The price is about 20 HRK  (3.5 USD or 2.7 EURO).

    List of several taxi companies in Osijek with their phone contact numbers:

    Taxi Osijek: +385-31-200-200

    Taxi Cammeo: +385-31-205-205

    Taxi Petar Pan: +385-95-303-3333

    Taxi Munja: +385-99-682-1182

    Taxi Student: +385-31-200-100

    Taxi Vip: +385-99-800- 8008

    Taxi Euforija: +385-91-200-9070

    Taxi De-Lux: +385-99-455-055

    Taxi Duca +385-91-591-1260

    Public transportation in Osijek is also available. There are tram and bus lines. Tram would be more convenient because it has more frequent line schedule. The price is 10 HRK (1.75 USD or 1.35 EURO). You can buy a ticket in the tram, but be sure to ask the driver if this line will take you to your desired destination.

    From the Osijek Main Bus or Train Station you could also walk to your hotel or Faculty.